What to expect right after placing an order with us

After making your purchase a few things will happen:

#1 PLEASE BE PATIENT. We are a startup company so normally we may have a short waitlist of agents in que and are working down that list and will get to you within the same day you ordered or the next depending on the time of purchase.

We start by creating your campaigns from scratch. That process can take about 30min-1hr of time to complete. From there we submit the ad for REVIEW. Facebook Review process has a turn around time of 1-24 hours of ad approvals according to their Review Policy. They may take up the whole 24hrs but we’ve never seen them approve any later than that.

#2 GOOGLE SPREADSHEETS. As soon as we receive your order we will start by creating/emailing you access to your personalized google sheet. That way you can dial them from there or copy/paste them into another platform to dial. (Please do not adjust or rename any columns on the sheet as the lead delivery system will not deliver the leads into the sheet properly. There will be a grey NOTES section where you can make a note about that lead/client.)

#3 How will I know when I get a lead? Lead Notifications:

*For local agents you will receive an email right away with a PDF Door knocking Template of your clients data to take to the door or to your appts.

*Telesales Agents will receive an Email with their clients info. (If you have Ringy or any other CRM we may integrate your leads delivery system to that aswell.)

When will i start seeing leads? (Short answer: Within 24 hrs of purchase.)

Based on Facebooksreview policy (1-24 hours after campaign is Created and Published.) Once the campaign goes live you may start seeing leads trickling in within or after those 24hrs. Facebooks algorithm starts learning the specific demographic, selected ages, targeted audience, area, placements etc… whether it is a local 25 mile radius for face to face agents or statewide for telesales etc… This phase is called the LEARNING PHASE. It can take 2-5 days to exit the learning phase (depending on areas leads will start trickling in slowly & for more populated areas the campaign may fullfill during that 1-5 day period. Really just depends.)

*Suggestion: When placing a new order or for re-orders its best to order at least 3-4 days before you plan to dial/work them so that we can see how the area performs and make necessary adjustments for future orders.

Finally, we closely monitor the campaign and if not performing favorably we make adjustments to improve lead flow. If it is not going well at all after exiting the learning phase we will ask ahead of time for a secondary choice of location, EX: a different county/city or statewide.

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Due to HIPAA, all sensitive data is removed after 7 days, and all contact information is removed after 90 days. This is to avoid any breach of data that involves you or your clients.
We suggest you export your lead data to a separate sheet that you create.

This is required to keep us compliant with privacy acts and gathering of personal information related to health and life insurance. 

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For more information about our privacy practices, if you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint, please contact by e-mail at Support@kontrolllc.com.