Local/Targeted Custom Orders

  • *If a lead is over 50 miles from the center of your designated city
  • * If the name on the lead is over age 89
  • ***If the phone number AND address are both incorrect

Final Expense: Virtual/Telesales

  • *If the phone number is incorrect, not in service, disconnected. We verify by calling aswell.*


Can i get a refund if: I don’t like the leads, the client said they bought from someone else, I get someone that won’t qualify, they hang up on me, they don’t answer the door, they said they don’t remember or believe it was free.. or for any other reason?

No refunds, and the reason why is we pay a tremendous amount of money to Facebook™ to convert a lead, stay compliant, set up personalized campaigns, monitor, adjust, test, retest, pay for our automation systems and overhead to cover all operations. Facebook charges kontrol, llc regardless if its a good lead or not. Lead credits are as stated above.


Kontrol, LLC accepts no responsibility for any issues from calling the leads, booking appointments, or any issues concerning the leads from Facebook™ . We are simply creating the campaigns for you and collecting clients info for an agent licensed by the states department of insurance to follow up. You are required to remain compliant with all applicable laws including but not limited to those governing insurance sales. You are required to comply with all laws and rules regarding contacting any leads and not contacting them if they request to not be contacted. We recommend reading our Terms and Conditions fully.

By using this website and/or purchasing any of the Facebook™ lead packages listed on any KONTROL, LLC domains or subdomains such as KONTROLLLC.COM, you are voluntarily agreeing to this disclaimer, and you are legally agreeing that you have read, understand and fully consent to the terms below.

I acknowledge that I have read and agree to ALL terms and I authorize KONTROL, LLC to charge the credit card / debit card indicated in the authorization form according to the terms outlined.

I also agree that I am fully responsible for all business I submit to all insurance companies and I indemnify and hold KONTROL, LLC harmless from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, costs, fees and expenses which KONTROL, LLC may suffer or incur arising or resulting from any claim.


We will process your order once you payment is completed and we do not promise or guarantee any type of sales from your purchase.

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Due to HIPAA, all sensitive data is removed after 7 days, and all contact information is removed after 90 days. This is to avoid any breach of data that involves you or your clients.
We suggest you export your lead data to a separate sheet that you create.

This is required to keep us compliant with privacy acts and gathering of personal information related to health and life insurance. 

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