We understand everyone has different experiences working leads. We are proponents to the “ALL LEADS WORK” movement, 100%. You just have to have certain expectations and a course of action for different lead types (Direct mail, facebook, internet, and so on…) If, you’re new lets give you some perspective on lead types and expectations based on our experience but obviously results vary.


INTERNET LEADS. These folks usually fill out multiple lead forms online and unless told through contract or otherwise these leads are usually shared or first come first serve type of lead. Where as soon as you recieve the lead you probably should call right away to get to the client before they’re bombarded by other insurance agents. You need to acquire more of these leads to get the desired appointment/sits count. Which translates to more dial time.

Booking difficulty: moderate/advanced

National Average Cost: $ 0.50c up to $20 per lead depending on age of lead. Also, depends on the lead vendor stipulations.

Lead delivery: Instantly. Depending if they already have the inventory on hand then you’re working aged leads or personalized lead orders should be delivered to you instantly on new orders.

DIRECT MAIL LEADS is the king of leads when it comes to quality and intent. What does: I recieve a letter in the mail catoring towards my demographic. I take out a pen, write on the form my contact info in order to recieve my information, i then shove that letter back into a return envelope, walk myself back to the mailbox drop it off with a stamp… say to intent and quality? Yea.. thought so.

We believe these folks are a little old school they’re less likely to be on the phone but once you get them on the phone they’re easier to book also they’ve been around the block when it comes to FEX insurance.

Booking difficulty: easy/moderate.

Cost: $28-$80 PER LEAD.

Lead delivery in your hands: 2-5 weeks turn around. Basically you pay a couple hundred bucks to wait almost 5 weeks to get whatever leads you get.

2 buying options:

#1 LEAD DROP= The vendor drops 1,000 mailers aka lead records in your desired zipcode/county with no guaranteed of return leads. Average cost for 1,000 lead drop $425-$700

#2 BUY PER LEAD (BPL) The vendor sets you up on a historical lead return in “available area” lets say for example they have record of Los Angeles returning 100 leads per month. They guarantee you those 100 leads for a set price of $38-60 dollars per lead. You get charged real time as when a lead comes in from your credit card or account.

FACEBOOK LEADS. These folks are a little more tech savy than most lead type. They’re on the mobile device a lot more and have a legit fb™ profiles with pretty much most of their contact info already on it. Our experience has been that they are more likely to answer and book.

Booking difficulty: easy/moderate.

NEW REAL TIME EXCLUSIVE FB LEAD National Average Cost: $28-$50 per lead

Some vendors have aged leads aka recycled leads sold to an agent 30-90 days before that will sell them to you for $5-$15 a piece.

Lead delivery: in your hands: instantly (as soon as they hit submit it is sent to you right away, no buffer with Real time leads of course.)