Part 1. INSIGHT ON OUR LEADS (so you know how to go about communicating with your clients)

*1 major thing to keep in mind is that when you reference where they seen the ad always mention it was done on facebook and bring up the favorite hobby for them to relate to the posting. Since that’s where it was filled out. Stay away from saying online or internet etc..

Just to give you some context on our ads and what people see we have a few different capture images we use a BREAKING NEWS image to get them to stop scrolling, a STATE OR COUNTY SEAL, a car wash funeral fundraising image or funeral image etc..that’s attention grabbing.

The actual ad text under the images that they all read before filling lead out say the following:

Note: we test multiple versions of these images with text to see what is working in your area.


Attention Residents over 40+ in [INSERT STATE].

The State of [INSERT STATE] has recently approved NEW affordable burial insurance programs, designed to cover 100% final expenses up to $25,000 or more. Not just a portion.

There is no 2 year waiting period, so full coverage from day one is available!

In addition, residents can qualify for significant discounts even on a fixed or limited budget.

*Program will not turn you down regardless of pre existing conditions or financial status. 

Select LEARN MORE below for eligibility.  


***We also have a social security ad looks just like the direct mail piece for final expense.

" The Social Security Administration has made a small burial fund available to every citizen who qualifies.

In addition to this, The State has approved an affordable burial program that could pay the entire portion of what the Social Security death benefit does not.

Don’t wait! If you qualify, this program would pay 100% of your Funeral and Final Expenses up to $30,000. Not just a portion!

We are helping thousands of residents & seniors qualify! 



The State of (Insert state) has approved an affordable burial insurance program.

Don't wait! This insurance program is designed to pay for Funeral and Final Expenses completely.  Not just a portion!

To learn more about how this program works and how easy it is to qualify for this coverage, click the LEARN MORE button below.



Select LEARN MORE below.👇



IMPORTANT INFORMATION: New burial and cremation programs have recently been approved in your state. These programs have NO 2-year waiting period, meaning they give coverage from day one.

Seniors may qualify for additional discounts and benefits.

👇CLICK Learn More for more info

Part 2. The lead form 

(This is what the client sees after they hit (learn more) 

✅ Answer a few short questions to help us find out which [INSERT STATE] approved Burial Insurance Programs you may be eligible for. We take your online security seriously. This form is highly secure and does not require you to leave this platform.


What will this benefit be used for?

Tradition burial




*Please choose a reminder word you won't forget. What is a Favorite Hobby/Interest?

Contact form description

✅ We will use this information to determine which programs are available in  [INSERT STATE].






Complete/conclusion page: after they hit submit.

  • Expect a phone call within the next 48 hours to discuss your Burial Insurance Eligibility.  Thank you for your patience, we look forward to helping.